Positive Changes from Living at Bridgeway Pointe

Family members of residents who live in senior housing report remarkable and dramatic positive changes in the attitude and happiness of their loved ones who have moved in to an Assisted Living community. To be honest, some family members actually get a little bit jealous!

When mom and/or dad were living at home, they always answered the telephone and were eager to hear about what the family member did that day. Upon moving to senior housing, frequently residents are not in their apartment to answer the phone (they are out and about at social events) and when they do answer the phone, they want to talk about what THEY did that day!

All of the staff go out of their way to take care of my mom so well. From activities, to medical care, to just making her laugh! Our whole family appreciates them. I have seen some not so great places with my grandmother, so we are glad our mom picked Bridgeway Pointe!
— Matt S.

The staff and admin always do a very good job of taking care of my loved ones. Over the past 10 years, we have had 5 different family members live at BWP. We have trusted their care of all our loved ones. Thanks!
— Amy H.

My family is pleased with Bridgeway Pointe, mostly impressed with the friendliness of the employees and the lovely surroundings. Our mother is very comfortable living there. Thanks to both she has adjusted fairly easily to the change of address late in her life.
— Sue H.

Months ago, our family was faced with a tough decision: who can our family trust to care for our parents? It was the hardest one we have ever faced. We chose Bridgeway Pointe because not only were all the checklists complete, but because the staff we met during our tour interacted with residents and were attentive to their needs. More importantly, the residents had smiles on their faces. In all areas, we always heard laughter. My parents became a part of the family and the staff became a part of ours.
— Son of Bill B.

I am so thankful we found Bridgeway Pointe. From the efficient friendly admission staff, to the caring understanding nursing staff, to the residents, who were strangers and now are friends, we could have not asked for a better answer. My mom is safe, comfortable and happy. I feel we have found her a new home and a wonderful new life.
— Kitty P.

My mom loved Bridgeway Pointe and the people working there. The entire staff was great and the longer mom was there the more she loved them. The food was excellent and the place spotless. Concurrently the openness and brightness of the rooms being augmented by the birds in the enclosure really made it a cheerful and invigorating facility.
— Pat