Personalized Solutions for Memory Care

At a time when significant advancements are being achieved related to Alzheimer’s research and the treatment of those with dementia, the Bridgeway Pointe community is dedicated to providing personalized care to residents who are challenged with memory issues.

Mild Memory Support

For Residents Who Need Mild Memory Support

Bridgeway Pointe offers a comprehensive approach to support residents with memory issues, based on individual needs. Many of our residents with mild dementia or other memory concerns are able to live fairly independently in The Towers neighborhood (our standard assisted living apartments). Sometimes residents may simply need a friendly reminder to take their medications, go to dinner or attend an activity.


Dementia Memory Care

Memory Care for Advanced Stages of Dementia

For those with more-advanced cognitive issues, an apartment in The Harbor, our secure neighborhood devoted entirely to memory care, may be the appropriate choice. You’ll find compassionate staff members, a small “family” atmosphere, comprehensive personal care services, more one-on-one attention, ways to connect and a peaceful courtyard with a walking path in this comfortable, supportive environment.

Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati “Memories in the Making”® Art Program.

Our Memories in the Making® Art Program

Among the many services we offer, Bridgeway Pointe participates in the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati “Memories in the Making”® Art Program. Under the guidance of a professional artist, residents experiencing early to middle stages of dementia have the opportunity to create artwork for self-expression. This valuable program enriches the lives – and pride – of our residents.

Find an Approach to Memory Care that Works for You


Bridgeway Pointe’s secured Memory Care area, The Harbor, was the first in Ohio to be awarded the status of an ‘Excellence in Care Dementia Program of Distinction’ by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

For more information about Bridgeway Pointe’s overall approach to memory support, please contact us or call (513) 418-4370 to see how we may customize an enhanced lifestyle care plan to fit your needs.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Excellence in Dementia Care